The Museum at Night
Some people say, In the museum at night, the animals come out to play.
What do you think?
In this CD, the animals come to life and leap off the screen in some of the most astounding and eye-popping 3D images you have ever seen.
Plus, it's a great learning tool. Every image is annotated with pearls of interesting information about the animals and their behaviours that you and your children will never forget. The funny comments the animals make to each other will keep you and your children laughing while they learn.
From now on, your family will look at museum displays in an entirely new, fun and exciting way.
Ages 8 to 80+
For PC or Mac

       The Museum at Night

 Computer CD (for PC or Mac)

             ISBN: 978-0-9817741-1-4

   80 Pages of Images and Fun

            $19.95 plus S&H

FREE Pair 3D Glasses Included
All photographs, images and text on this website page copyright Michael Beech
80 Pages!
"Don't move Marvin. Maybe he won't see you."
80 Pages!
And it's Super Long . . .
"Quick!  Back into the display before the lights come on!"