Super Stereo 3D

Super Stereo 3D gives you new ways you can add High Impact to your 3D Stereo Images. In 3D Stereo Magic, you learned that image enhancing frames and twists are easy to create and add to your stereos. Now, here are some even more powerful ways to give your stereo images ZING!   Learn how to build virtual windows, such as used in the cover stereogram, Hot Rod. The use of virtual windows will free you forever from window violation problems.   This book, similar to the 3D Stereo Magic book, but covering entirely new ground, will carry you to new levels of image enhancement and manipulation. Everyone who sees your stereos will be again saying,
"How'd they do that?"
This unique tutorial hits the ground running with a clear, concise, never before seen explanation of the relationship between window violations and window penetrations.  Then the various types of window penetrations and manipulations that can be used to cure and avoid window violations are explored. The immensely powerful concept of the virtual window is introduced and explained in easy to understand terms. No math formulas or complex drawings or mumbo-jumbo; just simple concepts you can use and combine to produce the most powerful stereos you can imagine. The possibilities are limitless.
Throughout the book you are introduced to an array of easy to understand and apply techniques. You can quickly use these to modify and enhance your own images to make them Pop and show up with Zing. (Those are technical terms for WOW!)
This is so simple! Everyone should be doing it.  

This easy to follow text will quickly give you mastery of image extraction, ghost reduction in anaglyphs, window violation elimination, virtual frames, forward floating frames, and much, much more.  Topics include:
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography allows you to capture detail in the most deeply shadowed areas of a scene while preserving detail in the highlights (see the Chair in Doorway image below).   The technique of capturing HDR stereo images is explained, including how to process the images to create color balanced stereo pairs.
  • Construction of combined stereo images with extracted images and new backgrounds
  • Virtual stereo windows and frames
  • Understand window violations and make them work for you
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) extended light range photography for stereo
  • HF (Helicon Focus) expanded depth of field
  • Photoshop stereo image enhancement techniques, trick & tips
  • How to construct startlingly clear cutout stereos
  • Converting 2D to 3D with StereoPhoto Maker
  • Powerful ghost reduction techniques such as;
  • Forward floating frames
  • Frame manipulations
If you ever even considered converting 2D images to 3D, now is the time to give it a try with a newly developed and super fast method using the free software, SPM (SterePhoto Maker). This quick and easy technique is explained in step-by-step detail.   You will have a complete toolbox of simple, easy to apply techniques that you can use to quickly modify and enhance your own images. Every trick and technique is explained, step-by-step, in easy to understand terms.
You will learn how to eliminate messy and distracting window violations while you graphically enhance your stereograms.   The "Cutout" technique of creating the almost surrealistic and diorama-like images, such as the Colorado Gold Mine (right) is covered in detail.
Image Editor Required

An image editor, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Gimp (freeware) is required for many of the techniques discussed. Several techniques, such as HDR, or HF may require relatively inexpensive software.  

Note: This book does not duplicate the information in 3D Stereo Magic, and it is not necessary to read 3D Stereo Magic . However, you may want to read it later  :-)  in order to expand on the concepts, tips, and techniques presented in Super Stereo 3D.

HF (Helicon Focus) uses special software to extend the depth of field during photography. Gain perfect focus from the closest object to the farthest when doing close-up photography. 

Chair in Doorway, parallel view
You Can Turn Mediocre Images into Startling Successes and Your Good Stereos can Become Great Stereos

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Add High Impact to Your Images
Plus, Learn the Exciting New HDR Technique
Perfect Focus in Close-Up Images
Cutout Diorama Technique
Colorado Gold Mine
2D to 3D Fast with StereoPhoto Maker
More Wild, Image Enhancing Frames
Like jewels, the proper setting or frame can enhance many stereos. Many frames can be designed to actually eliminate distracting areas and window violations.
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The book has an incredible 49 images and descriptive figures. Plus, you receive FREE access to all the images in full color online in Red/Cyan Anaglyph, Cross-view, and Parallel View (116 images and figures total).