Whether you want to make a simple 3D out of an old 2D, or you want to create world class conversions of great paintings, the technique for you is among those included in this amazing new book.   Four great techniques for creating 3D from 2D images are explained, step-by-step, in simple to follow formats.   From instant pop-outs, to BLAZING FAST displacement mapping, instant direct anaglyphic conversions, or precise and perfect layer shifting for complex conversions, its all here. Plus, you can mix and match the methods to suite the image and your needs.  

Youll learn techniques to salvage hopeless images, both 3D and 2D.

You will be able to combine 2D and 3D images to create totally new 3D effects. 

Best of all, you will have more 3D fun playing with the effects in this book than you have had with stereo in years.

The best instruction manual and reference on the art of digital 2D to 3D stereo conversions has been greatly expanded in Version 3 and now covers two additional methods four in all. Included are; the layer (pixel) shift method, instant anaglyphic method, the displacement (depth) mapping technique, and faux conversions all using just your image editor. When you have a priceless 2D family photo, such as the Brennan's Circus image here or the image of my father shown later, both of which just beg to be converted to 3D, there is powerful incentive to accomplish the task.
And the Mastering 2D to 3D Conversion tutorial will show you how. This is the easiest to understand, best and most complete How To manual on the art of digital 2D to 3D stereo conversions. Nothing else approaches it in clarity and completeness of subject coverage. Within minutes of reading the first chapter you will be making your own 2D to 3D conversions.   Starting with quick and easy faux 3D, you will quickly begin to understand every step of the conversion process. Written in clear, easy to understand terms, it contains no confusing theorems or mysterious diagrams. Everyone can use this method to add excitement to existing 3D images, to salvage images with defects, or to convert 2D images to 3Ds, such as this completely fake 3D at the left.

Precise and World Class Conversions

Then, a complete step-by-step tutorial takes the mystery out of the layer selection and shift method used by such great conversion masters as Jim Long. This is the most precise and reliable method known, capable of creating perfect results from even the most complex image.

Blazing Fast and Simple 2D to 3D Conversion

Also included is a BLAZING FAST method to convert 2D images directly to either anaglyph or stereo pairs. The displacement mapping function included in Photoshop and other image editors gives everyone quick access to great looking 2D to 3D conversions in just minutes. You will be making conversion just as fast as you can read this amazing chapter.  

 Displacement mapping, also called DEPTH MAPPING, is based on using different shades of gray to create a map that the computer can use to determine which objects are closer to, or farther from the viewpoint. This section will guide you rapidly through some hidden Photoshop features and reduce this to a few simple steps you can apply to achieve quick results.

One of the neatest techniques is simple to understand and apply. With this method you can watch the 3D develop instantly, right before your eyes, as you work. As easy as 1-2-3, a 2D image will begin to turn into 3D almost as quickly as you can load the image and begin to work. This on-the-fly method is very intuitive and allows you to experiment without risk of losing your work.  Instant feedback; by seeing the results instantly as you try various things, with this method you have immediate feedback to accelerate your learning and grasp of the concepts.
   Mastering 2D to 3D Conversion

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Version 3
View the table of contents for Mastering 2D to 3D Conversion:
Mastering 2D to 3D Conversion
Depth Mapped Conversion, Parallel View
Last photograph taken of Brennan's Circus B-17 and her crew before she was shot down in WW2. Conversion from 2D by Michael Beech. Parallel view. Read the Story Here.
"If you can use a computer mouse, you can do this."
Balrog.  Cross-View
Parallel                                   Parallel
Parallel                                             Parallel
All Photographs (except Balrog and Brennan Circus) Made and Copyrighted by Michael Beech
All 2D to 3D Conversions in this Website Performed and Copyrighted by Michael Beech
All Images Modifications and Text on this Website Page Copyrighted by Michael Beech
Available in 2 Versions:

             Printed Book
             Adobe PDF eBook

Instant 2D to 3D, Direct Anaglyph Conversion