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3D anaglyph glasses
3D anaglyph glasses
3D anaglyph glasses
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3D anaglyph glasses
3D anaglyph glasses
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Digital 3D Stereo Photography

The most comprehensive and clear manuals on the planet to help you develop and advance your skills in the art of 3D photography, digital alignment, and stereo presentation.
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Four powerful methods for converting 2D to 3D are described in detail. You will be converting 2D-3D as soon as you read the first section. From blazing fast depth mapping (displacement mapping) to the precise layer or pixel shift method, every secret is revealed. Now, anyone who can operate a mouse can convert 2D into 3D . . .
Wicked Cool ways to put some "WOW" in your 3D's with these eye-popping, jaw dropping, high impact effects. Learn how to warp space, banish window violations, defy perspective, and thumb your nose at stereo window rules by usinge the virtual window manipulation tricks in this manual. Stereo contests worldwide are being won by persons using the techniques they learned from this manual. The mystery is removed from the creation of every type of frame busting effect. Ways to avoid all WV's, reduce anaglyph ghosting, enhance your 3D images . . .
Some people say, In the museum at night, the animals come out to play.   What do you think?  

In this wild and wacky 3D CD, the animals come to life and leap off the screen as they escape from their displays. The funny comments the animals make to each other will keep everyone smiling while they learn.  After viewing this flip-album of anaglyph 3D images, your family will look at museum displays in an entirely new, fun and exciting way.

35 amazing examples of the creative and original 3D frame manipulations and out-of-frame images (see example at left) by Michael Beech.

3D anaglyph (red/cyan) glasses included.
For ages 8 to 80+. PC or Mac.
A complete course of digital 3D image creation information. How you can use StereoPhoto Maker, Adobe Photoshop, and other image editors to make impeccable 3D's. Every step of the 3D alignment process is covered and made easy. Causes and cures for all types of 3D problems are described simply, clearly, and thoroughly. This book will take you from novice to 3D pro . . .
Stereo Gallery:
(Use your red/cyan 3D glasses)
Hot Rod

This book builds on the powerful techniques described in the popular 3D Stereo Magic book and explores more ways to add "WOW!" to your stereo images. Topics include 2D-3D conversion using SPM (StereoPhoto Maker), using HDR (High Dynamic Range) in stereo photos, HF (Helicon Focus) depth of field extension, cut-out stereo frames, anaglyph floating frames, phantograms and many powerful image enhancement tips . . .

Here you will find the essentials that the novice 3D photographer should know to make a good, sound start in creating good 3D images and aligning them digitally. The concepts are presented in clear, concise explanations. There are no complex formulas or obscure diagrams to cause confusion. Numerous examples are included to illustrate various points . . . 
Fast Focus Tutorials . . .
Rapid and Easy 1-Hour Lessons Featuring Targeted Information

The 6 Fast Focus Tutorials now available are mini-manuals, tightly limited to a specific aspect of 3D (stereo) photography. The tutorials are available only as Adobe PDF eBook files (readeable by Adobe Reader). This has several benefits for you:

1) You get instant access to the information,
2) They are very affordable, because you can order just the information you want,
3) Environmentally friendly, because no paper or shipping is involved, which minimizes their impact on the environment,
4) You save the cost of Shipping & Handling.
5) Adobe PDF files are readable with the FREE Adobe Reader.

Each manual focuses on one aspect of 3D and provides complete and comprehensive coverage of the topic.
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Cars in 3D
Oh, My!
Here are some things to consider.
(Sample Cover,
     Each Title

"I just read your books on conversions and frames and I'm so happy with them I have to thank you. After many years of autodidactic work I still found lots of valuable tips. Your style is entertaining and clear. Should you ever need a translator into German, tell me.
Best wishes from the Tyrol!"
Franz Kaslatter
"Mike Beech will give you a new view of 3D . . . and inspire you to achieve new levels of creativity!"
These books were created because I could not find any publication that explained the crucial concepts of 3D in a manner that all photographers could easily grasp. Every book I read was filled with needless technicalia. I found nothing there that couldn't be explained clearly and simply in normal language. In fact, there was no information available at all about converting 2D to 3D.

Over years of helping hundreds to learn 3D stereo or advance their skills,  I found that I was able to zero in on the exact explanations best suited to explain the many aspects of 3D stereo imaging and help people over rough spots in improving their skills. The pages in these books are compiled from those explanations.

Regardless of your skill level, you will find something here—an epiphany perhaps—that will make your digital 3D stereo images easier to view, easier and quicker to make, more striking and just plain better. Best of all, making 3D's will be more fun than ever.
I guarantee it.

Michael Beech
Fast Focus Titles:
Mastering the 3D Cha-Cha

2D to 3D Conversion with SPM
Calculating Stereo Base Made Easy
3D Stereo Alignment with SPM
Stereogram Assembly with Photoshop Actions
3D Stereo Alignment with Photoshop