Anaglyph View
    Red/Cyan glasses are required. Red goes over the left eye.

Parallel View

    These images can be viewed with a Holmes style parallel viewer or free-viewed by holding the eye lines-of-sight parallel (look at right image with right eye while looking at left image with left eye).


    These images require the eyes to be crossed so that the right eye is looking at the left image and the left eye is looking at the right image. This method of free-viewing is often easier to do than parallel free-viewing.

The 3D stereo images of cars are presented in 3 formats, described below. Choose the format you wish to view and then click on the appropriate tab above.

These images were created by extensive modification using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Software.

The modifications included erasing some or all of the background of both the left and right images.

In some of the images modifications were made to give the pavement apparent thickness. These pavement modifications had to match exactly—adjusted for perspective—between the left and right views.

The through-the-window (TTW) and out-of-frame (OOF) effects were created using layers in Adobe Photoshop CS3 software.

All images and the computer modifications thereto are copyrighted by Michael Beech and may not be reproduced or used except by permission from the copyright holder.
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