Long rifle OOF, 3D anaglyph
WINGS STATUE out-of-frame 3D anaglyph
. . . with Jaw-dropping, Eye-Popping,  High Impact, Frame Accents.   Image enhancing frames are easy to create and they add power to your images.
Like jewels in the proper setting, 3D photos can be enhanced by the right presentation. Frame manipulations help display your art at its best.
The tutorial starts from the very beginning with the most basic window manipulation information and then builds on it in a step-by-step manner. You are provided an array of easy to understand and apply techniques that you can use to modify and enhance your own images.   This easy to follow text will quickly give you mastery of image extraction, frame warping, ghost reduction in anaglyphs, window violation elimination, curved frames, virtual frames, receding frames, tilted frames, and much, much more. You have online access to more than 128 combined figures, examples, and stereo images in 3 formats; parallel, cross-view, and anaglyph views.
After reading this book you will be able to change disappointing images into startling successes. You will overcome hard to manage and damaging window violations at the same time as you graphically enhance your stereograms. Finally, you will learn how to reduce ghosting in anaglyphs without introducing window violations.
            3D Stereo Magic 

          ISBN  978-0-9817741-0-7

Print, B&W, 5.5 X  8.5, 100 Pages   

             57 figures and images

  2 Versions Available--

  Printed Book:    $24.95 plus S&H

  PDF eBook:       $24.95 




       All versions come with
          FREE online access
       to 60 example color images
       in Parallel, Anaglyph and

Parallel View                                       Parallel View
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3D Stereo Magic
Plus, you will discover all the secrets behind the creation of the strange Interdimensional Cube stereogram shown here.

You will learn how to; 

Now, from the only manual of its kind, you can learn how to make eye-popping, jaw-dropping window and out-of-frame effects that make people say, 

                 How'd they do that?

It's easy, once you understand the virtual window manipulation tricks explained in this manual.
Parallel View                                Parallel View
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